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 TRA 2008 to feature a wealth of in-depth conference sessions Minimize

TRA 2008 to feature a wealth of in-depth conference sessions


One of the main draws of TRA 2008 will be its rich conference programme. Why should you come to this event? To hear top-level personalities discuss greener, safer and smarter road transport in 58 sessions over four days.


From high-level debates on transport and climate change, to presentations of new and innovative technological systems for more intelligent transport and safer roads, the TRA 2008 programme has something for everyone.




Monday 21 April 2008

Roundtable on transport and climate change


Today, environmental concerns and climate change are at the top of the political agenda. The transport sector is facing severe challenges as citizens and governments alike demand swift action to alleviate mounting pressure on local environments due to noise and air pollution, but also to achieve Europe’s wider global climate change targets.


This high-profile roundtable session will include prominent personalities such as Michel de Virville, General Secretary of Renault Group, and Matthias Ruete of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Energy and Transport (DG TREN). Panellists will present their views on European transport research for 2012 and beyond, including: research needs for a greener road transport system; information for industry on available technologies and policy requirements; and research and industry timeframes to help policy makers set realistic agendas.


Tuesday 22 April 2008

Green and smart transport


European roads and cities face permanent increases in freight and passenger traffic, but necessary infrastructure development is running up against important limitations in terms of space, congestion and environmental constraints. Intelligent transport systems and traffic management can help, including: electronic fee collection; road or congestion pricing; journey planning tools; and alternative transport modes. Similar innovations are also helping to optimise goods transport.


Key speakers at this session will include András Siegler, Director for Transport at the Commission’s Research DG, and Ingemar Skogö, Director General of the Swedish Road Administration.


Wednesday 23 April 2008

Traffic safety


With close to 50 000 deaths on European roads each year, the EU cannot afford to be complacent about traffic safety. With the stated goal of halving the number of accident victims in the coming decade, are all actors taking sufficient action to address the changes needed in human behaviour, vehicle technology and infrastructure?


This plenary session will gather representatives from the automotive industry, suppliers, infrastructures, road users and the European Commission, including Hermann Meyer, CEO of ERTICO and Co-chair of the eSafety Forum Steering Group, and Bert Keijts, Director General of the Netherlands’ Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management.




Strategic sessions at TRA 2008 will explore in greater depths the themes of greener, safer and smarter road transport.  Topics include:


On Monday 21 April:

- European trans-national joint research collaboration

- Challenges for sustainable mobility in cities

- Interactive information provision and systems


On Tuesday 22 April:

- Specific new Member State and Candidate Country issues

- Future directions for cleaner road transport and advanced fuels

- Supporting transport policy through Innovation


On Wednesday 23 April:

- International co-operation on road transport research in emerging economies

- Integrated transport safety

- Road pricing and tolling


The complete programme can be found at the following link:



In addition, a number of meetings, workshops and satellite symposiums will take place in conjunction with TRA 2008.


More information on these parallel meetings can be found at the MEETINGS, WORKSHOPS, SATELLITE SYMPOSIUMS page.


Abstracts of all technical session papers will also shortly be available on the TRA 2008 website, allowing anyone who wants to delve deeper into the innovations to be presented.



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