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Developing the road transport solutions of the future will require hard work and imagination from a new generation of scientists. TRA 2008 will spotlight the most exciting and creative research being carried out by students from all over Europe.




The Young European Arena of Research (YEAR) is a competition for early-stage researchers in the road transport sector. Winners will receive the YEAR award for scientific promise at a special ceremony at the TRA 2008 conference in Slovenia.






Students have been asked to submit abstracts in six categories:


1) Energy, environment and resources

Among the finalists are young researchers working on soot modelling in diesel engines, behavioural changes to help reach carbon reduction targets, and fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions in China.


2) Safety and security

Finalists are looking at structural monitoring of long-span suspension bridges, inter-vehicle communication in advanced driver assistance systems, and in-vehicle ergonomics.


3) Transport, mobility and infrastructure

Shortlisted projects include work on enhanced satellite navigation in urban environments, the relationship between neighbourhood design and travel behaviour, and modelling of personal mobility of commuters.


4) Automotive design and production

Work includes a novel aerodynamically efficient motorcycle, a computer vision system for truck driver supervision, and a more crash compatible vehicle.


5) Infrastructure design and production

Young scientists will present research on the adhesion properties of asphalt mixtures, the mechanical behaviour of flexible road pavements, and using crushed concrete and brick in construction materials.


6) Future visions of road transport

Work to be presented in this area includes a new platoon-based transport system, a case study of electric vehicles on Flores Island, and driverless vehicles in populated environments.




TRA organisers say this important competition gives students an opportunity to display, explain and discuss their work with established experts in the field. All finalists will be featured at the TRA exhibition.


For the complete list of abstracts and finalists, see the YEAR website:



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