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Covering three floors in Ljubljana's largest conference centre, the TRA 2008 exhibition space will showcase the latest technological innovations and road transport solutions for the future.



The TRA 2008 exhibition will feature twenty-three organisations, from carmakers to transport operators and research funding bodies. Conference participants will find in-depth information and make contact with important road transport players, including:



Established in 1989, the Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories (FEHRL) provides a framework for coordinating the interests of the twenty-seven national laboratories of the EU Member States, the European Free Trade Association countries and the rest of Europe. FEHRL is engaged in research on topics including road safety, materials, environmental issues, telematics and economic evaluation.



The European Road Transport Advisory Council (ERTRAC) delivered its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) in 2004. This seminal document lays the groundwork for future road research and has been a major guide in the formulation of the transport work programme of the Union’s Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7). Major priorities include the ‘greening’ of transport, strengthening competitiveness and efficiency, and responding to the increasing demand for mobility and higher safety standards.



The Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR) facilitates the exchange of experience and information and analyses and discusses all road-related issues, especially infrastructure, infrastructure management, traffic and transport, financing, legal and economic problems, safety, environment, and research in all of these areas.


Slovenian Roads Agency

Part of the host country’s Ministry of Transport, the Slovenian Roads Agency prepares proposals for investment in state roads and undertakes professional-technical, developmental, organisational and administrative tasks relating to the construction, maintenance and protection of main and regional roads as well as some motorways.


Strong European Commission presence

Support for TRA 2008 provided by the European Commission reflects the importance of road transport within the larger European agenda. In the EC exhibition area, conference participants will find information on FP7 as well as other action plans and initiatives, and will see the work of some EU-funded projects that are making major strides towards better road transport.


A scene from the TRA 2006 exhibition 


Some exciting new vehicle prototypes will also be on display, the direct results of EU-funded research projects:



The SIM project helped develop the Piaggio MP3, a highly innovative scooter-like vehicle with two front wheels that promoters say features power, performance and ease of use. The unusual front assembly, with two independent tilting wheels, makes the vehicle far more stable than any scooter, providing top performance in total safety.



The FIDEUS project has developed and tested three new vehicle types meant to alleviate urban congestion problems while responding to real transport needs. They include an innovative small electric transporter for sensitive areas and pedestrian zones, an improved 3.5-tonne transporter, and a 12-tonne truck, optimised for city traffic. All FIDEUS vehicles are equipped with high-tech driving, loading and communications technologies, enabling improved interaction with traffic control centres and with each other.


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