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25 April 2008 from 10:00 until 17:00

Otočec & Novo mesto with wine tasting

The Dolenjska region is a charming area of gently rolling hills, vineyards, forests, numerous churches and some of Slovenia's best preserved castles such as the Otočec castle, occupying a tiny island in the middle of the Krka River. The visit to the castle will be followed by a coach ride to Trska gora (hillock near Otočec) to try some of the excellent local wines and food.

After wine testing we will go to the Novo mesto. Novo mesto, also called the metropolis of Dolenjska, was founded in the year 1365, when the Austrian Archduke Rudolf IV granted city rights to the town at the bend of the Krka River. Officially called Rudolsfwerd, it grew as Novo mesto and soon became an administration, cultural, religious and business centre of Dolenjska. Novo mesto is situated in the midst of the hilly landscape of Dolenjska, embraced by the Krka River.

Duration: half day or full day
Price: 78 EUR per person
Included: transfer, English-speaking guide, visit to the Otočec castle, wine and food tasting
Min: 20 pax

25 April 2008 from 14:00 until 20:00

This half-day excursion takes you to see two Slovenian towns. Kranj is Slovenia's fourth largest town with an attractive Old town. The old town of Kranj is located on a slope above the rivers Kokra and Sava and attracts visitors with many beautiful old buildings.

Another old town is Škofja Loka, a town which has preserved its medieval character. Throughout the centuries the inhabitants of the town and its surroundings were occupied in many trades, which developed at the end of the Middle Ages into guilds. There were many famous artists, writers and scientists who created a rich cultural heritage for the town, as a result of constantly working in an environment full of art and nature.
A sightseeing tour in Škofja Loka will take you through its narrow streets to the 15 century Jacob's parish church, to the old Town Hall from the 16 century, and other medieval buildings nearby and eventually to the Friezing bishops' castle on a hill above the town. Afterwards you will have some free time for refreshments, snacks or further exploring of the town.

Duration: 6 hours
Price: 54 EUR per person
Included: bus transport, English-speaking guide, entrance fee to museum
Min: 20 pax

Kranj Škofja Loka


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