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The on-line paper submission system is now reopened for uploading of the corrected papers.


Papers can be uploaded only on-line by registered users through this page.

Quick start

You should login using the same username that you've used for the abstract submission. After successful login the Document Library module will open (above this frame), displaying your upload folder. Then:

  • Click your name in the right part of the "Document Library" frame above; your name should appear also in the folder tree on the left side of the frame,
  • to start uploading procces, right-click your name (username) in the folder tree in the left part of the frame and select Add document(s), or click the icon with the green plus sign in the top left corner of the right part of the frame,
  • the upload window opens; browse your computer to locate the file,
  • click Update.

The updated file should appear on the refreshed list. If it does not, click your name to refresh the list.


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